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A festival created by the residents of Walthamstow and coordinated by Artillery

Here's a snapshot of the E17 Art Trail 2017

Each year of the E17 Art Trail we are overwhelmed by the creativity and energy of the artists, makers, and residents who live here. It seems fitting that we will all be enjoying the 15 years of the E17 Art Trail in the same year that Waltham Forest is London's first Borough of Culture.

Ours is a proud, diverse and welcoming community. Year on year the E17 Art Trail grows and embraces its residents and visitors. The festival belongs to the people here who create, exhibit and sell their work and who invite you to roam around this year's E17 Art Trail to explore how they have risen to the challenge of our theme Wonder {of Art & Science}.

205 venues, from studios to schools, walls to windows, cafes to community centres, faith spaces to front rooms provide the spaces for you to marvel at the creativity on display, get involved and start conversations. Many of our creative community have been participating in the E17 Art Trail since we began. It has been the catalyst for emerging artists to develop a professional practice and it has been a privilege to have been part of them following their passion. We also take pride in how the opportunity to share work, get involved in activities and start conversations has ignited creativity or simply thrilled us to the joy that art can bring to the everyday.

Event organisers have reported that 8,500 residents are exhibiting or performing as part of the festival from 1 - 16 June. Don't miss it.



Artillery is an arts development organisation based in Walthamstow, North East London, established by the creative team behind the E17 Art Trail. Artillery aims to create lasting shared memories among neighbours resulting from our open invitations to create neighbourhood events and projects together.

We apply artistic practise to mobilise the talents and enthusiasm of artists, residents, businesses and communities to collectively contribute to our creative programmes. Artistic and creative practise is our tool for making connections locally and strengthening communities.

Artillery CIC

The Mill, 7-11 Coppermill Lane, London E17 7HA
07947 275774

Artillery’s team for the E17 Art Trail 2019

Laura Kerry: Co-Founder and Project Manager
Morag McGuire: Participation and Audience Development
Penny Rutterford: Relationships Coordinator
Neesha Badhan: Community Coordinator
Hannah Ford, Jennie Caminada, Penny Dampier:
Project Assistants
Paul Lindt: Brochure Design

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