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December 2nd 2015

Creating a sense of festival, E17 Art Trail 2017, Trail Tales

Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who came to the October E17 Art Trail meeting. There were some great talking points and as a result there are some really exciting proposals for future E17 Art Trails and local creative projects. We are now writing these into our project plans and our fundraising strategies.

Discussion points from the post-2015 event meeting included sustaining our ever growing festival in these financially challenging times, logistics, and how to make it easier for audiences to get around such a large offering of events. We are looking at systems to avoid clashes within the festival as well as with external events going on in the area. Also ideas to programme clusters of key events in key geographical areas within E17 - which is a bigger place than many of us realise!

Our plans now include financing a new roaming hub for E17 Art Trail and Artillery projects - the meeting threw up the need for participants and audiences alike to have central accessible space for obtaining information and listings, to meet, to discuss, and to host artists work including performance, workshops and talks. 

We also need to work on making the festival visible to the whole, wider community - and we might do this by commissoning pieces of work for the public realm specifically.

If you would like to see the full details of the meeting, you can request a copy of the minutes from Laura at events@artillery.org.uk

Looking ahead to the next E17 Art Trail.

The next E17 Art Trail will take place 3-18 June 2017, with registration for artists and participants opening in January 2017. We are already considering themes, and are open to hearing your ideas. In the intervening year we will be inviting local residents to join us in creating a new event - Trail Tales - mobilising our ever growing networks of creative practitioners and residents to enliven our streets with their talents.

Trail Tales (working title)

We propose to allocate stories and/or chapters of stories to specific areas of Walthamstow. The telling of the story will unfold in a series of different art interventions created by local residents as visitors follow a designated route. join the Tale Trail at the start and follow it to it's conclusion. Elements of the stories will be re-imagined in processional events bringing together neighbours and community groups in the story telling. The Tale Trails draw on visual art, theatre, set building, sculpture, dance, music, performance, model making, drawing in their story telling.

It's a project that has grown out of what we have learnt over the past 11 years and we look forward to testing this new model; inviting resident artists of all disciplines to develop a way of collaborative working locally that directly engages our whole community. 

This project is still in the preliminary stages and is funding dependent, but this is just to give you an idea of what we are working towards for Autumn 2016.

Linda Hughes 'On The Art Trail'

We still have some availaibilty of the limited edition 'On The Art Trail' prints by the wonderful local artist Linda Hughes for sale. Commissioned for the front cover of the E17 Art Trail 2015 Programme guide - this beautiful print could soon be on your wall looking amazing. One of the most ubiquitous sights at the start of the E17 Art Trail was hundreds of people sitting outside cafes on Orford Road and down the High Street, thumbing and highlighting the Trail Guide Programme, seeking out exciting creations to visit around our town. 

'On The Art Trail' comes as an A2 Giclee print, on Hahnemuehle soft white cotton paper and is limited to just 75 copies. All will be individually numbered and signed by Linda. They are priced at £80 and there is still plenty of time to order in time for Christmas. If you'd like to order one or have any questions, please do drop us a line at info@artillery.org.uk. 
That's all for now! But please see below for just some of the seasonal offerings from Walthamstow's Creative community starting this evening with late night shopping and local business networking at the William Morris Gallery.
Laura and Morag
(Photo credit: Penny Dampier)

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