30 May - 14 June 2015

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March 9th 2016

Artillery News Update

In this newsletter you will find a quick round up of the projects we are working on and volunteering opportunities with Artillery.
  • E17 Art Trail 2017 - Idea Sparks
  • Cultivate Festival 5-13 March 2016
  • Beans on Balconies Update
  • Volunteer with Artillery

E17 Art Trail 2017 - Idea Sparks

The next E17 Art Trail is 3-18 June 2017 (You are reading that correctly, it’s not a typo! Please see our previous newsletter for our rationale and plans for the year ahead). We decided at the October meeting to go biennial, and so hosting the festival every two years at least for now. You can expect to register your events to take part from January 2017. It feels like a long time away but we are already planning and know just how quickly it will come around again. In the meantime, we thought we’d give you a flavour of the E17 Art Trail 2017 theme to get your ideas flowing.
STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths...originally STEM, but a strong argument has been put forward for the influence and impact of the A for Arts in this grouping of fields of study.
There are many online resources for finding out about the thinking behind STEAM. We are especially interested to explore how these disciplines integrate with artistic practice.
As with past years we invite artists to respond to the theme but this is not a requirement.
If you would like to contribute to developing this theme please get in touch!

STEM TO STEAM according to Wikipedia

Image courtesy of the artist Amanda Doidge, Rorschach butterflies, hand built porcelain with ceramic transfers, exhibited in the E17 Art Trail 2015.

Cultivate Festival: 5-13 March 2016

Artillery have been commissioned by Waltham Forest Council to produce a Spring and Autumn season of Cultivate Festival. This festival celebrates urban food growing and is now in it’s third year. We apply what we have learnt from developing the E17 Art Trail festival model. It is a really exciting project to work on and is creating some work for artists in our network including design, illustration, photography, filmmaking, copywriting, compèring and creative workshop delivery.
The Cultivate festival is for everyone interested in growing food in Waltham Forest, whether your food growing space is squeezed into a window sill, a doorway, stretches across an urban garden, transforms a community garden or an enterprising market garden.
Cultivate Spring Season Programme at a glance:
Network Event – Forming a Food Growing Partnership
The Gardeners’ Q&A
The Big Compost Giveaway
The Grow Your Own Challenge and Cultivate Produce Show
Ive Farm Pocket Park Opening Ceremony
Pop Up Food Growing Information Sessions

Visit the website for more information: www.cultivatewf.org
Join the mailing list for Cultivate and Food Growing News here.

Beans on Balconies Spring Plans

Making Space to Grow
Do you live near Wood Street or Shernhall Street?  Get in touch to join our neighbourhood network: Beans on Balconies. Our network is especially (but not exclusively) for people living on the streets on this map.
There’s a lot of creativity in finding solutions to grow plants cost-effectively and successfully, especially growing in urban spaces. We have resources to share to help make space to grow plants in small spaces including balconies, doorways and windowsills. Morag and Deb will be happy to let you know more information about our Friday Making Mornings starting in April and about getting hold of our free gardening kit for small spaces.
If you’d like to suggest your local group or street to host our activities or workshops, we’d love to hear from you. And we always welcome people who want to help extend the network by sharing news and invitations, sharing making ideas and expertise, sharing recipes, planning neighbourhood events and activities, or sharing gardening equipment, seeds and compost. Volunteering in this way with Beans on Balconies could be an hour or two of your time each week. To find out more email: events@artillery.org.uk or call 020 8521 2155

Volunteer with Artillery

Here’s our latest volunteering opportunity, we will be announcing more soon to help realise our Idea Sparks season of talks.

JOIN OUR SEED PACKING CIRCLE and help get the Cultivate Grow Your Own Starter packs ready for local growers.
We welcome people who can help to accurately pack and label seeds to join us for one or more evenings getting our starter packs ready for local residents to pick up at the Cultivate Festival. You’ll need bit of patience for doing repetitive tasks. These will be friendly evenings to meet local people with an interest in food growing and local events.

The main tasks are:

- packing sample quantities of seeds and
- labelling envelopes.

You will need to have the following skills and attributes for this role:

Accurate and attentive to instructions for packing our seeds
Concentration and patience for a repetitive task
Enjoy other people’s company

The time commitment:
The volunteer will need to be available for one or more of the following times to be involved:
Friday 4th March 6.30 - 8.30pm
The Seed Packing Circle will be meeting at The Mill, 7-11 Coppermill Lane, E17 3HA, near to St James Street Station, Blackhorse Road Station and served by 230, W12, 158 buses

If you’re interested and have the time please get in touch in advance with morag@artillery.org.uk or call 020 8521 2155 to say which dates you can make.

Please note: these sessions are not in usual Mill opening hours and so advance notice of joining us will ensure we can be expecting you and arrange access.




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