Festival Supporters

We are looking for partners, sponsors and advertisers to help us deliver the E17 Art Trail plus, a year round programme of artist support, a learning programme for schools, and outreach in neighbourhoods across the borough.

Please email us for a partners pack or advertising rate card for details: penny@artillery.org.uk

Or you can make a one off donation here.

Year on year the E17 Art Trail has grown beyond anything we might have imagined when we set it up in 2004. It has only been made possible by the collective financial support of funders, advertisers, sponsors and artists' listings each year.

Here's a sense of the scale, scope and reach of the festival in 2019: 

  • 8500 People - exhibiting or performing in the festival programme
  • 207 Festival venues
  • 396 Events and exhibitions over 18 days
  • 30 Learning settings
  • 64 Businesses
  • 42 Community organisations, faith spaces, libraries, museum and gallery
  • 105 Open houses and studios
  • 239 Volunteers supporting festival delivery (1549 reported supporting individual events) 1272 Volunteer hours recorded contributing to core festival delivery tasks.

Thank You!

An enormous thank you to all the artists, participants, venues, festival partners, sponsors, funders and audience who make the E17 Art Trail so wonderful. In 2019 an incredible 8,500 people made artwork or performed in the festival and many more volunteered their time to assist in the 205 festival locations. 


Message from our funder

If you didn’t already know, this year Waltham Forest is the Mayor’s first ever London Borough of Culture. Exploring the themes ‘Radicals’, ‘Makers’ and ‘Fellowship’, the programme is a collaboration between local residents, artists and creatives; creating a once in a lifetime celebration of the place we all call ‘home’.

The year is intended to shine a light on the character, diversity and cultures of the borough – the things we have in common and the things that make us different –through a year-long celebration of the real cultures of London by the people who live here.

This year’s E17 Art Trail is bigger than ever and set to be a major highlight in the London Borough of Culture 2019 programme. The E17 Art Trail has long been a jewel in Waltham Forest’s cultural crown. As London’s largest community run art project, it is testament to the fact Waltham Forest was a Borough of Culture long before we won the title. It is without doubt that the success of the E17 Art Trail was one of the key reasons why we won the award in the first place, and the simple act of an entire community coming together to celebrate its creativity on this kind of scale proves we’ll continue to be a Borough of Culture long after 2019.

Sam Hunt
Creative Director, London Borough of Culture 2019


Message from our lead sponsor

Ever since we first opened the doors at Estates 17 back in 2013 (can it really be that long ago?), we’ve put creativity front and centre of everything we do, from the E-List magazine to the Walthamstow Village Window Gallery. That’s why we’re delighted to support this year’s E17 Art Trail, the premier showcase for the artistic talent that Walthamstow is famous for.

Neil Collins, Estates 17

Message from our platimum sponsor

BDS is delighted to sponsor Artillery in its work with London Borough of Waltham Forest libraries and residents during Waltham Forest’s year as inaugural London Borough of Culture. In particular, the opportunity to also support their Page to Pavement project this year that takes an inspirational children’s book with an ethnically diverse readership and to work with libraries to take it onto the streets of the borough fits perfectly with BDS’s belief that libraries reside at the heart of our communities.

Lesley Whyte, Managing Director, Bibliographic Data Services Limited.


All our sponsors are listed at the bottom of the page

Friends of the E17 Art Trail

Jale Avcil - Nostalji, Lisa Lisker, Pauline Cushnie, Penni Grodzicka

Festival Venue Partners

Blitz Factory, Bodega 50, Buhler + Co, Creative Works, E17 Art House, Forest Bar + Kitchen, Froth & Rind, Fullers, Harness & Mane, Images In Frames, In Vino Veritas, Lighthaus Cafe, Lot One Ten, Mirth, Marvel and Maude, Mother's Ruin Gin Palace, No70HoeSt, Norah Zeale Studio, Old Station Yard Cafe, Orford Saloon Tapas Bar, Peking Chef, Perky Blenders, Petals in Bloom, Pictorem Gallery and Framers, Queens Arms, Ricco’s, Saw Chocolate, Sodo Pizza, Stow Brothers, The Book Cafe, The Castle, The Chequers, The Every Space, The Mall, Vinyl Vanguard,  Wakefields, Walthamstow Cycles, Walthamstow Village Window Gallery, Webbs Industrial Estate, Wild Card Brewery, William The Fourth, Word, XL Hair Design, Ye Olde Rose and Crown Theatre Pub

Special thanks to

14th Walthamstow Scouts, Abigail Viner, Abigail Brown, Adam Laurence, Adriana Marques, Alexis Weedon, Amanda Doidge, Amber Burrows, Ann Jamieson, Anna Alcock, Anna Casey, Anne Fedrick, Anni, Aser El Saqqa, Carol Kenrick, Carolyn Abbott, Chloe Beale, Chloe Osbourne, Christopher Aldgate, Claire Whitney, Clare Farrow, Clare Sydenham, Collins, Danny Coope, David Burgh, David Di Duca, Deb Scott, Del Taylor, Emma Payne, Emma Turner, Esther Neslen, Fontanna, Francesco Mazzarella, Georgie White, Graham Hodgkiss, Guoda, Hackney Play Association, Hannah Ford, Hassan Vawda, Helen Currie, Helen Maurer, Higham Hill Library, James Hoban, James Robertshaw, Jennie Caminada, Jim Goddard, Jo Sealy, John Hudson, Jon Turner, Julia Spicer, Kally Laurence, Katherine Green, Lara Deffense, Laura Donaldson, Laura Martinez, Leaside, Legends of the Forest, Lesley Whyte, Liz Fenton, Liz Pepler, Liz Ray, Louise Weir, Michaela Nutt, Miles Williams, Mo Gallacio, Momart, Neesha Badhan, Norman Saggers, Orlando Capitanio, Other Theresa, Paul Lindt, Penny Dampier, Penny Rutterford, Poppy Flint, Priory Court Community Centre, Riley Ramone, Rising Tide, Rory Drake, Sam Hunt, Sam Jones, Silvana Gambini, Simon Warren, Simona Pesce, Stefania Gallo, Susan Smith, Susannah Quinsee, Teresa Elwes, Vicky te Velde, Virginia Firnberg, William Wong, Wood Street First, Yanire Sylva Delgado, and all of the volunteers that make the festival possible!


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