Taking part in the E17 Art Trail

Here is your guide to taking part in the E17 Art Trail for event organisers, artists, residents, community groups, schools, businesses and host venues. (If you would like to support the festival in another way please see our partners pack and volunteer information).

  • Our open submissions policy welcomes all types of creative work that can be exhibited or performed within the E17 postcode.
  • Your venue must be within the E17 postcode, whether a home, studio, garden, window, shop, cafe, park whatever suits your work. We occasionally allow events that take audiences to nearby places of interest - these have previously had meeting points in E17. Or you may submit an online project for consideration.
  • Your event must take place during the festival dates 1 - 16 June. You can decide the opening times within these dates that suit you or your venue.
  • Participants are not limited to residents of Walthamstow. In previous years we have welcomed many visiting artists. But you will need some links with the area in order to find a venue and organise your event.

We look forward to hearing your plans!



Our theme for the 2017 E17 Art Trail is WONDER {of Art & Science},
The theme is just a suggestion - you might like to respond to the theme or share work that is inspired by something completely different.



The copy deadline for all event listing details and an image for inclusion in the festival programme is Monday 4 March.



There is a £55 admin fee per event/exhibition listing. This may be paid by the venue or by the exhibitor. You need to register additional events or exhibitions separately and each for a £55 fee. If your individual event has multiple venues, performance dates or additional workshop times please get in touch so we can help you make the most of your listing detail.

There are two sections in the programme to chose from, exhibitions which are listed by area (map number) and form the art trail, and events which are timed performances or one off activities such as workshops listed in a calendar format (by date)  

The registration fees principally contribute towards the cost of producing the festival programme, the 'Trail Guide' and other publicity materials as follows:

  • one event listing plus image in the Trail Guide
  • artist’s toolkit and resources pack
  • an artist's reception (a celebration for organisers and exhibitors)
  • regular network events and talks in the lead up to the festival (Approx 8 opportunities to meet with organisers and other participants)

All your event details must be submitted by 4 March at the latest for inclusion in the programme.

If you find the registration fees prohibitive, please consider collaborating and sharing venues or being part of a group exhibition.



In order to keep the fee to artists as low as possible we introduced a fee of £50 for commercial venues only. We will invoice venues directly - please make sure you let them know to expect this when you make an arrangement to have your event in their venue.

This fee is for commercial businesses only and will not apply to charities, schools and non profit organisations.

Some details for host venues:

As a festival venue you could attract new customers by hosting: a guest artist, an exhibition of community artwork or special events to celebrate your own creative products or services. This fee will only apply for commercial venues who are holding activities as part of the E17 Art Trail festival programme. Each venue organises their own events or works directly with guest exhibitors or performers. If you would like to be considered by exhibitors as a festival venue we can share your contact details with our list of artists seeking spaces.

You will be acknowledged as a festival supporter in the venue partners key in the festival programme the 'Trail Guide' and your venue marked on the festival map. At least 15,000 copies of the programme are distributed across Waltham Forest and North East London. You will also be invited to the Artist's Reception, a celebration event to mark the start of the festival.

Please ask for additional information for Festival Venue Partners and the benefits for businesses hosting and supporting the festival.



Once registered we will send you the following in the lead up to the festival:

Artist’s Toolkit

  • A handy guide to hosting and organising your art trail events and making the most of the festival written together with previous E17 Art Trail exhibitors

Digital Resources

  • E17 Art Trail Logo
  • A3 Festival Poster
  • A3 Venue Poster (Editable)

Printed materials (An allocation of the following)

  • Festival Programme (Trail Guide)
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Venue Posters (TBC budget dependant)
  • Vinyl Window Sticker (TBC budget dependant)
  • E17 Art Trail badges (budget dependant)



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E17 Art Trail Festival Dates: Saturday 1 - Sunday 16 June

Preview/Press Night: Thursday 30 May

Artists’ Reception: Friday 31 May



Please register your interest with us now via this google form so we can stay in touch with you and start to map the venues. 



The E17 Art Trail is an artist led project which provides a framework for artists and makers to exhibit and promote their work.  It began in 2005 when two Walthamstow based artists wanted to find a way to help motivate and strengthen the local artistic community, and to find interesting, creative solutions to the shortage of dedicated arts spaces. The E17 Art Trail is coordinated by Artillery established by the founding members of the E17 Art Trail to deliver the festival as well as other creative projects.

The E17 Art Trail will be 15 years old in 2019.



We host regular network events and social occasions for members to meet each other in the run up to the art trail. See Art Trail Meetings section on the website for details.

Stay in touch with other exhibitors - collaborate, find venues, get advice from others in the network
Request to join the E17 Art Trail facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/5210296901/

Follow us on Twitter @e17arttrail



Artillery will produce the overall marketing and publicity materials, hold network events, offer training and other resources to support you in organising your events.

Artillery is the organisation which delivers the E17 Art Trail festival, produces the Trail Guide and website.

Participants are responsible for organising their individual events, choosing a venue suitable for their work and playing a vital role in marketing the festival.  Please help make the E17 Art Trail as visible as possible. Send us copies of any press releases you write and high quality images for publicity. More ideas can be found in the Artist's Toolkit.

We publicise the art trail through the various relevant media and we ask that you play an active role in helping us to distribute Trail Guides, display posters and, most importantly, invite all your own contacts to your events.  Personal invitations are the most effective way of getting people to come along.

Publicity materials, festival posters, venue posters and logos will also be available for you to print or use to create your own publicity materials from the members section of the website.


Artillery will distribute Trail Guides and flyers to key venues across the borough and north east London. With your help we can distribute materials to key individuals, neighbours, friends at the school gate and wider to workplaces across London and beyond.

We will hold an event where you can collect all the publicity materials and Trail Guides early in May.  In addition a number of trail venues act as depots for you to collect the Trail Guides from in the run up to and during the festival.

We will have a number of mini festival hubs where you can display your individual event details, leave flyers, postcards etc. for the public to collect in addition to the festival programme, the Trail Guide.



There will be a launch event on Friday 31 May for you and your guests to celebrate, we will publish details of this nearer the time.

You can organise your Private Views, parties and launches anytime you like and indicate when these are in your event listing.

You may chose to have a launch event on the Preview Night, Thursday 30 May. Do let us know if you are planning to do this when you submit all your event details so we can invite press in advance.

Wishing you the best of luck in your preparations.


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