Welcome to a Walthamstow Phenomenon

Over 7,000 artists, residents and workplaces in Walthamstow are inviting you to enjoy every element of the E17 Art Trail 2017.

Infused with our STEAM theme, painters, sculptors, poets, choirs, photographers, designers, ceramicists, and dancers welcome you to enjoy exhibitions, performances and workshops in the studios and streets, parks and pubs, cafes and shopping centres, faith spaces and community places.

STEAM is the acronym acknowledging the influence of creative disciplines in STEM subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths.

“I was indulging my own interests in choosing the STEAM theme this year, but was delighted to find that it resonates with so many people who have enjoyed responding to it.”

Laura Kerry, Creative Director, E17 Art Trail.

Across Walthamstow, artists, makers and neighbours have been conducting their own experiments, tests and research as they prepare their exhibits and events. Local residents are applying their creativity in exploring phenomenons in zoology, physics, chemistry, ecology, geometry, analog and digital technology.
Whilst debates rage nationally about the value of investing in the creative arts in education, 23 local schools, colleges and nurseries have determinedly found time and resources to share the incredible creative work of their young artists in the festival. Our STEAM theme has proved a fertile opportunity for Artillery to begin to foster links with researchers in nearby universities, new relationships that we hope may inform future collaborations in our neighbourhood.

Participation in the E17 Art Trail has grown to truly epic proportions whilst the festival continues to operate on a modest budget combining funds gratefully received from our local authority, local sponsors and registration fees. As we go to print, we calculate 1 in 15 local residents are creatively contributing to the programme, and we expect this to rise! So we are hugely grateful to the incredibly talented local volunteers who have shared their time, energy and specialist skills to help make sure that this phenomenal programme is enjoyed fully by visitors. For digital navigation, try StoryMap; or augment your exhibition visits with online footage of E17 Art Trail artists at work via our YouTube channel, connect to both via www.e17arttrail.co.uk. This phenomenon can only be experienced for 16 days, don’t miss it!

Make time to enjoy the warm welcome of artists and makers across our town.

STEAM into Walthamstow and enjoy the trail!

Laura, Morag, Hannah, E17 Art Trail volunteers and artists.
Artillery’s team for the E17 Art Trail

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