Possible Futures: Imagination, Ingenuity and Determination

We were unsure what to expect this year - but wow! hundreds upon hundreds of artists and makers have signed up, either as individuals, in groups or as part of collectives of all age groups and from across the local community.

The E17 Art Trail has always been a festival that reveals the spaces in which artists, makers and creators work. Those treasured festival moments as we step over the threshold into a family home where creativity has thrived and fills living rooms, halls and gardens. Discovering hidden studios, exploring faith spaces and schools where people welcome us in.

And so, it has been with some trepidation and uncertainty that we started to plan and adapt for this year’s E17 Art Trail. We never doubt the imagination, ingenuity, determination and resilience of our creative community. Each year they push the boundaries of what is possible and invent new creative offers. We bring you “Possible Futures”.

As we think of our theme – Possible Futures – It’s not just been the pandemic which preoccupies us. Artists and creatives are squaring up to the challenges of the climate emergency, social injustice, inequalities and the precarious future of our creative sector. We profiled some of the passionate, socially conscious and engaged approaches of local and international artists in a series of “Creative Climate” online discussions. Our panels shared different ways creative networks are adapting their creative practice and inspired us with a sense of the possibilities of our own actions.

Care and wellbeing is evident in the programme. It reflects the support that can grow between participants. Making connections is an integral part of this festival, it is one of the essential ingredients with which it continues to flourish. As are you.

We welcome you all wholeheartedly – whether you are an exhibitor yourself, a local resident, or just visiting this corner of London exploding with creativity.

Cover Artist: Matthew Krishanu

Festival Supporters

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Covid-19 Statement

“During this challenging time, the E17 Art Trail will focus on supporting our community in adapting to new ways of experiencing the art and conversations that make the Trail a treasured moment in all our diaries. We believe that art, creativity and community is essential to the mental wellbeing and the healthy development of all humans. We are working to deliver an event that enables togetherness, while remaining vigilant about protecting our community from the very real dangers that many face due to Covid 19.

It is our aim to ensure that everyone participating in the E17 Art Trail does so responsibly to prevent further spread of the virus. We will continue to closely monitor and assess the evolving situation and will be diligent about communicating on important issues and modifications.”

Artillery CIC

Festival Projects

This year we have increased our focus on accessibility and inclusion. Our advisors and project leads introduce some of these initiatives here.


Possible Futures Group Show, curated by Dark Yellow Dot. Venue 8 in the Trail Guide.

Possible Futures Exhibition

Since August 2020, our network has been discussing different solutions for sharing artwork with audiences. A large scale group show was one such solution. We have appreciated collaborating with Dark Yellow Dot and Gnome House to realise the Possible Futures Exhibition.

“Dark Yellow Dot is a platform I established to create opportunities for emerging artists by partnering with individuals and community groups like Artillery of the E17 Art Trail that care about bringing real artists into real spaces, making art accessible to real people.”

Lauren Little, Dark Yellow Dot and curator Possible Futures Exhibition


Worthy NBAM at CRATE. Venue 26b in the Trail Guide.

Worthy - NBAM

Worthy was an ‘analogue’ project reaching people who were being digitally excluded during the Covid-19 pandemic, providing an opportunity for those who live with long term health conditions to be a part of a community focused art by post project that considered ideas of worth and value.

“The E17 Art Trail is a great way of bringing our participants together and sharing the mail art project with the community, reflecting on the past year and what worth and value means.”

Neesha Badhan, NBAM





We have encouraged our artists and makers to do as much as they can to provide access to their exhibitions and events, taking into account that many have limited resources, and many Art Trail activities take place in people’s homes and private studios. Because it won’t be possible to provide access for all at all exhibitions and events, one of our priorities has been to provide more information about accessibility, in order to support people to make informed choices.

“Everyone should have the opportunity to be involved in creative activities, and it’s our collective responsibility to make this happen. It’s my hope that this will enable us to welcome more disabled people and others who have access requirements to access as much of the E17 Art Trail as possible.”

Sarah Teichler, Access Consultant & Inclusion Advisor



They chose to challenge, an interactive installation at 19 Queenswood Avenue. Venue 143 in the Trail Guide.

Inclusion Advisors

We have so valued the insights and direction from our Inclusion Advisory Group made possible by funding from the Culture Recovery Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund, distributed by City Bridge Trust through the London Community Response Fund.

“Being part of the inclusion advisors and artist peer support sessions, I would like to think that my representation was bringing voices such as mine, to further enhance the ongoing conversation of inclusion!”

Sba Shaikh, Inclusion Advisor


Keep Blinking, an exhibition at St Barnabas Church. Venue 52e in the Trail Guide.

Artist support

Farah Ishaq has led on Artist Support as we prepare for the festival. More than any of us, she has been at the end of the phone, picking up emails and messages, comments and queries on our social media platform.

“It’s been thrilling to support our artists and organisers over the last six months and I’m excited to see the array of works developed by newcomers and experienced Trailers alike. From piloting peer groups and bringing together expert panels, we have had to find new ways of helping creatives develop their thoughts into events and feel some sense of connection. I can’t wait to see the events take place and I look forward to seeing how the festival artists develop post-Art Trail too!”

Farah Ishaq, Artist Support


An Art Trail in Minecraft

“When I was thinking about how to produce the E17 Art Trail my son said “Why don’t you just do it in Minecraft ?” like it was the most obvious thing in the world. So, we’re developing a project for Minecraft enthusiasts and hope to share some of the things created at the William Morris Gallery for the festival. Please be in touch for details on how to get involved at minecraft@artillery.org.uk. Initially we will host a world on a server for people to contribute their ideas and host some sessions for young people aged 11-18, but the project could take any shape as directed by you!”

Laura Kerry, Co-Director Artillery

Thanks to Leon Thompson for concept and technical consultancy, Ethan Thompson for creative direction, Max Caminada for concept art, and William Morris Big Local for project funding.


Same Sky

The day after we sent this years Trail Guide to print we began selecting 4 artists for the Same Sky Artist Residency. See instagram and online for updates of where to discover Same Sky pilots in our urban outdoor spaces.

“Making creative activities happen outdoors can be one of the most accessible ways for people to find out about the festival. It’s great to be partnering again with the Beyond Barbican team to enable artists to test their latest ideas for participative creative projects in our high streets and parks.”

Morag McGuire, Co-Director Artillery

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